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Bodyline was established in 1991, at a time when no legal gay sex venues were owned by gay men.

Bodyline was the first lawfully established gay bathhouse in Sydney.

Bodyline was denied development approval by the South Sydney Council & was taken to the Land & Environment Court of NSW in which one of the arguments used to keep them from opening was the old Disorderly House Act. This Act had been used for a number of years to close down brothels in NSW.

After all the facts were presented, Justice Stein delivered his judgement & Bodyline was granted consent of the Court to legally operate. Bodyline was the first lawfully established ‘Sex on Premises’ venue in NSW.


A homosexual sex club will be allowed to refuse entry to women & heterosexual men, under what is thought to be the first exemption of its type granted by the Attorney-General, Mr Shaw.

A spokeswoman for the Anti-Discrimination Board that said in advising the Attorney-General, it had taken into account the importance of a place where homosexual men felt safe ‘given the level of violence against homosexual males in the community’.

Bodyline Spa & Sauna has been a licensed sex-on-premises venue since 1991. The club also had reasonable procedures in place to ensure safe sex, she said.

– Sydney Morning Herald, 18th May 1998 by Leonie Lamont